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Commentary: Our unified spirit after 9/11 should serve as a blueprint for today's divisive America

We were a better nation the days after the September 11th attacks. It's time to revisit that mindset

BRYAN, Texas — The true measure of our nation is how we respond to moments we can not control.

We did not expect to be attacked on September 11. Still, we rose to the occasion and were the best versions of ourselves in the following weeks. 

Standing shoulder to shoulder at Ground Zero, Americans from different backgrounds ensured that together, we would build back better.

Today, in a time where anxiety and divisive rhetoric dominates our country’s narrative, let us not forget our potential to be great. To be tolerant, empathetic and defiant in the face of hatred. 

We as a country have seen better days and when looking back at our darkest moments, we can move forward to see a greater tomorrow.

2,977 lives were lost on September 11. 20 years later, it is our responsibility to love thy neighbor, defy evil at all costs and never forget.