BRENHAM, Texas — Football Skills

Conclusion of the workout

1. Height and Weight

2. 40 Yard Dash

3. Pro Shuttle

4. Position Specific Drills

5. 1-1 Drills (non-contact)

a. OL / DL

b. RB & TE / LB

c. Specialist Workout

You need to bring the following to participate:

Football Recruiting Combine

*9:00 am **1:00 pm

*10:00 am **2:00 pm

*10:30 am **2:30 pm


February 9, 2019and May 4, 2019

Warning – Assumption of Risk

There are many special benefits from the activities being afforded to student-athletes by the football program at Blinn College. Within the activities it must be understood that

there are dangers that lead to injury to student/athletes. Therefore the purpose of this section is to make all student/athletes aware that dangers do exist and that participation is voluntary

with the understanding that risks are involved. It is to be further understood that student/athletes must share in this responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others as each

participates in the football tryout at Blinn College.

The student/athlete participating in the football tryout at Blinn College could injure the anatomy of either one or several of the following: musculo-skeletal system, nervous

system, circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system, urinary system, reproductive system, endocrine system and skin. Catastrophic injuries such as death, permanent paralysis and

loss of organs may occur during sport participation. There is not an absolute preventative against any injury.

Blinn College does not offer supplemental insurance to participants in the football tryout at Blinn College. Any injury sustained by the student/athlete will be resolved by their

own means.

Acknowledgement of Warning/Risk

By signing below, you acknowledge that you have read the “Warning-Assumption of Risk” statement above and are aware there is a possibility you may incur an injury of varying

temporary or permanent disability to any of the body’s systems. Also, you acknowledge risk of death, permanent paralysis, loss of organs and life-long disability that may occur as a result of

the football tryout at Blinn College. Additionally, you agree to release Blinn College from any liability with regards to any injury sustained.

Before you are approved to participate, you are required to sign below acknowledging the above statements.

Student/Athlete _________________________________________ Date ___________

Parent /Legal Guardian________________________________________ Date___________

NJCAA National Champions 1995, 1996, 2006, 2009

We would like to invite you to attend the Blinn College Football Recruiting Combine for prospective athletes. This workout will give you the opportunity to showcase your football talents to the coaching staff. We will evaluate players in all positions.


(*)Morning Session – OL, DL, TE, RB, LB, QB Punters, Kickers, Snappers*

(**)Afternoon Session – QB, WR, DB (QB both sessions one price)**

*Not on Blinn Campus

Ryan Mahon

Head Coach


Chuck Parsons

Asst. HC/Co-DC


Andy Felton



Eddie Jones



Dave Aoyagi



Dev Gray