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The B.L.U.E.print Announces Executive Board for 2021-22

Lane, who served as treasurer last year, steps in as vice president for 2021-22
Credit: Texas A&M Athletics

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Texas A&M Athletics student-athlete led organization The B.L.U.E.print – Black Leaders who Undertake Excellence – announced its executive board for the 2021-22 school year.

Current student-athletes Karlina Sample (President, soccer), Chase Lane (Vice President, football), Brandon Miller (Chief Communications Officer, track & field), Brian Williams (Chief Business Officer, football), Sahara Jones (Chief Marketing Officer, women’s basketball) and Patrick Johnson II (Recruitment & Retention Officer, track & field) have each been named to The B.L.U.E.print executive board. Sample and Lane are returning board members from the 2020-21 school year.


Serving as president for a second consecutive year, Sample’s main duties include scheduling and conducting meetings, communicate and delegate tasks to executive officers. She creates The B.L.U.E.print calendar for the year and will represent The B.L.U.E.print at events, campus meetings, senior staff meetings and committees.


“I’m very excited for The B.L.U.E.print and everything we have planned for this year,” Sample said. “Last year was a great year for us, and now we’re even more ready for this year since we’re not restricted to zoom and being virtual. We are able to meet in person I can’t wait for the new friendships and relationships to be built and to see personalities really come to life!”


Lane, who served as treasurer last year, steps in as vice president for 2021-22. In his expanded role, Lane is expected to fulfill any duties in absence of the president, assist the president in creating and planning for events and monthly educational sessions. Lane is the point of contact for the cookout event and other major events, as well as representing The B.L.U.E.print at events, campus meetings and senior staff meetings, at the request of the president.


Miller, serving as Chief Communications Officer, coordinates and communicates with guest speakers for meetings, as well as being the point of contact with campus clubs and organizations. Other duties include communicating with the president regarding on campus collaborations and guest speakers, as well as help lead and coordinate B.L.U.E.print events and meetings.


“I’m excited be a part of The B.L.U.E.print and serve on the executive board,” said Miller. “I believe I can excel in this leadership role by making an impact for current Black student-athletes at Texas A&M and being a role model for future students.”


Jones, is expected to lead the social media plan for The B.L.U.E.print (@blueprinttamu), along with coordinating marketing and event efforts. Jones maintains and updates The B.L.U.E.print social media accounts through photography, graphic design and leads the efforts for T-shirt design for events.


Williams fulfills the treasurer role as Chief Business Officer. He is responsible for assisting with budgets and allocation of funds as well as providing monthly budget updates, records budget cost for events and marketing materials.


Johnson, as recruitment & retention officer, works with other officers to define and implement The B.L.U.E.print’s recruiting and staffing strategy. He analyzes data to identify areas of need as it relates to meeting attendance, recruitment and retention. Johnson leads the efforts in establishing innovative recruitment and retention strategies through metrics gathered to track the success of recruitment activities.


“It is truly a special honor and privilege to be on the executive board,” said Johnson “In only its second year, the organization is relatively new but has made a tremendous impact since its launch last fall. I am looking forward to helping B.L.U.E.print enhance its mission and grow even more.”


In its inaugural year, The B.L.U.E.print hosted notable events including a month long book club during Black History Month, a Grab-N-Go dinner highlighting African American culture and cuisine and a partnership with the Brazos Valley African American Museum community outreach.


For their efforts, The B.L.U.E.print was awarded the Diversity Service Team Award by Texas A&M University and was recognized at the 2021 Accountability, Climate and Equity (ACE) Awards Ceremony. The group also earned the Breaking Barriers Award at the annual athletics department Building Champions Awards Ceremony.


Inspiration for the B.L.U.E.print began in January 2020 after Sample attended a Black student-athlete summit where she gathered ideas to begin a club at Texas A&M for Black women student-athletes only. It was after the murder of George Floyd when Sample made a change of direction and decided to target the club toward both Black men and women student-athletes.


The B.L.U.E.print allows Black student-athletes to feel comfortable in a space where friendships can be made, experiences are discussed and concerns can be expressed. The organization will play a large role in the enhancement of a student-athlete's overall collegiate experience.


While the B.L.U.E.print is an all-inclusive organization providing community outreach events, the club will also offer exclusive educational sessions to all student-athletes.