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$44 billion Twitter buyout sparking controversy over "free speech" platform

Business magnate, Elon Musk sparks controversy over his plans for the future of Twitter.

BRYAN, Texas — Major changes are underway for one of the largest social media platforms.

On Monday, the Twitter company accepted Elon Musk's buyout for $44 billion dollars. Soon the business tycoon will have the world's tweets at the tip of his fingers.

The billion-dollar deal won't close until later this year but when it does Musk will become the sole owner of Twitter making the public company a private one.  

Social media researcher and guru, Robert Stern, explained how Musk's will to open up free speech is where the spark of controversy comes in.

"Elon musk is turning around and saying I want to take it private and I want to make it free speech," Stern said. "I agree about free speech, people should be able to talk people should be able to do things but not to incite violence." 

In an NBC statement, he stated how the platform is the bedrock of a functioning democracy. However, some Twitter users, believe it will open up a floodgate of those who abuse "free speech" or be used as a political football.

"I also think that it's gonna be a way to promote his ideologies," frequent user, Marissa Castillo stated.

Musk stated in a tweet that free speech must match the law and he is against censorship that goes beyond it.

With that censorship, some Twitter users said it completely changes their timeline and what they actually see. This is the reason why some Twitter users including celebrities' have already left the platform before the deal even closes.

This is where the grey line of what free speech comes in Stern explained.

Back in 2010, social media was much simpler but now it's mostly political, he said whether we like it or not.

Stern said to use your social media wisely, and until the ink dries on the deal later this year, keep tweeting on.

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