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Driving 'no texting' app helps you keep up with changing restaurant hours and openings

Safe2Save is an app designed to stop people from driving and texting, and they want to help restaurants provide information to area residents.

BRYAN, Texas — The pandemic can be described in one word: unpredictable. With constant changes in mandates and orders, it’s not easy to keep track of what is open and what isn’t. 

Safe2Save, an app designed to stop people from driving and texting, wants to help restaurants provide you that information.

“They’re having a hard time getting the message out and communicating with their local neighborhood customers, so with the geo-fencing, there’s a few different things we can do. We can update to let people know 'hey we’re closed for dine-in or we’re closed temporarily' or whatever happened because there are some restaurants that are closed temporarily so we can easily set that up," said Safe2Save communications director A.J. Cole.

Safe2Save sends you in-app notifications while your car is not in motion. It has a list of updates for the restaurants in your surrounding area and has recommendations for dining options for that day.

“We can send out a notification to all users in an area and say 'hey if you weren’t already aware, the governor has announced that this is only available for take-out or this is only available for patio dine-in', whatever those changes are, we can send in app notifications pretty quickly to everybody in the area, so that way they know what to expect," said Cole.

Safe2Save works with many restaurants in the area, and Latrelle's is one of their partners that overlooks some of them.

Latrelle’s director of operations Cameron James says the geo-fencing on the app is an incredible technology that has helped bring people in during these times.

"Safe2Save offers businesses a leg up on marketing with the geo-fence app. It can bring more customers to your business at a time when we need it most," said James.

Safe2Save also sends out notifications regarding the changes in the way you receive your rewards from the app during this time. 

To learn more about Safe2Save and how its geo-fencing works on the app, visit https://safe2save.Org/how-to-use/

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