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Phone call from your own number? It’s a scam

A scam robocall displays your name and phone number on caller ID.

Editor's note: Video is from April 29

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The phone rings. You look at the caller ID. It shows your own name and number. What? Don’t be fooled. It’s a scammer making an illegal robocall.

Over the past week, roughly a half-dozen people have contacted KGW concerned about this robocall scam.

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Crooks use technology to fake or spoof caller ID. These scammers can make it look like they are calling from a different place or number, including your number. They use this trick to avoid call blocking services and hide from police.

The scammers hope, by showing your name and number, you’ll be curious and pick up. Don’t answer. These scams are usually designed to steal money or personal information.

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