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City of Navasota starting street repair projects

The projects are set to repair more than nine miles of roads across the city.

NAVASOTA, Texas — The City of Navasota is set to start numerous street repairs across town. 

The projects are split into two sections. The first will include streets that are repaired on a yearly basis. This would include regularly repairing these roads through upgrades to the surface which are set to start in June of 2023.

"Navasota’s yearly Street Maintenance Project will involve around 30 streets in the city, totaling almost 4 miles. These streets will receive a new top surface through a process called chip sealing, performed by contractor Knife River. This process will provide a new, smoother surface for vehicles to drive on and extend the life of the road itself," said the city.

The second project is arguably a much larger undertaking for the city. These repairs would fall under a capital improvement project for the city and would encompass street and utility upgrades.

"The 2020 Bonded CIP Street & Utility Rehabilitation Project will begin once school dismisses during the last week of May 2023. This project includes more extensive repairs to streets and will be completed by Kieschnick General Contractors. The project will rebuild parts of 20 streets in the city, with many including water, sewer, and storm drain improvements. This project itself has around 5 miles of street rehabilitation, 3 miles of new sewer lines, 3 miles of new water lines and will be lengthier as the rehabilitation work is significantly more involved. The city has a target completion date of August 2024, before the school year begins," the city said.

Jon MacKay, the graduate civil engineer on the projects, said that these projects are designed to help make drives smoother for those residing in town who regularly use these streets.

“It’s more repairing the existing roads and what we have so that folks who drive into town, who live here, have a smooth road to drive on at night when they go home," said MacKay.

Below are graphics indicating where these repairs are taking place and what project they fall under.

Credit: City of Navasota
Credit: City of Navasota

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