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This is the best subcompact SUV of 2018

When it comes to SUVs, there's a growing segment of subcompacts that offer space, safety features and all-wheel drive at a comparable price. So what's the best one out there?

In the three years since we tested members of a growing class of the smallest SUVs, the class in question has only heated up, adding new models and shedding few old ones. So we gathered three newcomers — the Ford EcoSport, Hyundai Kona and Nissan Rogue Sport — and pitted them against a newly redesigned version of our previous winner, the Subaru Crosstrek.

In last place was the new EcoSport, an SUV with a first-rate multimedia system but aging roots, given Ford has sold the current generation overseas for some time before bringing it to the U.S. That shows up in a lot of areas, from a bouncy ride to uncomfortable seats, poor visibility and missing safety features.

Bringing up third place was the new Hyundai Kona, an SUV with lots of sportiness … at a price. Nimble handling and a lot of value characterized the Hyundai, but so did a brittle ride, poor interior quality and a small cargo area.

In second place was the Nissan Rogue Sport, a car whose title belies what it actually is: a very comfortable SUV with lots of cargo room but, unfortunately, very little sportiness when you really throw it around.

Finally, the redesigned Subaru Crosstrek did it again thanks to a mix of drivability, roominess, practicality and quality. Excellent visibility and a lot of safety features on our test car cemented Subaru’s win for the second time in this class.

You can check out all the scores and read much more on Cars.com.