HOUSTON — We're waking up to storms across the area connected to a cold front. The front should clear Houston by 8 a.m. and the coastline by 10 a.m. — and then expect nicer, cooler conditions the rest of the week.

Temperatures this morning are in the mid- to upper-70s but dropping to the upper-60s by the afternoon.

This means we'll have much cooler afternoon temps for Wednesday compared to Tuesday. A 3 p.m. temp of 69 would be 23 degrees cooler than Tuesday's high. Cloudy skies and lower humidity will bring back that "fall feeling."

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Elsewhere, we're also monitoring this tropical spot, forecast to move into the Gulf of Mexico and possibly develop later in the week. It's time for all to pay close attention to the weather forecast. These fall season tropical systems can be tricky to forecast. Here's the latest in depth look at the system, tap here.


Wed, Oct 16: Rain is likely overnight into Wednesday morning. A cold front will push the rain away into the Gulf by Wednesday afternoon and shift the winds around to the north. Highs in the upper 60's and low 70's

Thursday, Oct 17: A lovely fall day! Lows in the 50s and highs in the 70s with low humidity. 

Friday, Oct 18: Nice weather continues with early-morning temps in the 60s and daytime high temps in the low-80s.

This weekend: Scattered rain, humidity and slightly warmer temperatures return.

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