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How to stay warm without electricity

The National Weather Service has advice for keeping warm even without power

WACO, Texas — It's important to stay warm however you can if you are without electricity during this current snowstorm outage. The National Weather Service gives these tips for staying warm if you are without power: 

  • Close blind and curtains
  • Close off rooms to avoid losing the heat inside
  • Cover door cracks with towels, rags, and t-shirts
  • Eat and drink. A full belly equals warmth. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. 
  • Move around and do light exercise 
  • Layer clothes and wear cover extremities  

If you do have power, it is critical that you try your best to conserve it. This means turning your thermostat to at down to at least 68 degrees but above 55, unplug some appliances, avoid using large appliances like the dishwasher, and turn off lights if they aren't in use. 

As a safety precaution, you should turn off space heaters when sleeping, check your fireplaces to make sure it is clean, and make sure you do not attempt to warm your home by the use of your stove or oven.

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