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Protecting the pipes will help protect your house from water damage

When the water drops below freezing, let your faucet drip overnight.

BRYAN, Texas — Even though we have been recently enjoying some mild temperatures, don’t forget we are still in the winter months.

The last thing you want when it gets cold out is for your pipes to burst and cause flooding or water damage.  

When the temperature drops, one local plumber says to remember the three P’s. 

“That’s going to be your pets, your pipes and your plants. So with your pipes, just if you can, insulate them, leave a faucet or something like that dripping over night that will definitely help as well. Pets, definitely bring them in. It’s going to be cold out there. Plants, cover them,” said Hartman's Handyman Service owner Coleman Hartman. 

If you don't leave your faucet dripping, your pipes could freeze.

"It could cause the pipes to burst and therefore lead to extensive water damage. And then of course, if you don’t see that right away, it could lead to mold and things like that, then you have to call someone like me to get out there and have a pretty extensive fix," said Hartman.

You can also take precautions to protect your pipes outside.  

“The biggest thing is just making sure they’re wrapped good. It can be the foam protectors they have at the store, it can be a towel. The main thing is just making sure it’s protected from the elements. Keep it tight so you can’t get the fresh air to where it’s cold," said Holman's Quality Plumbing owner Mike Holman.

Towels and duct tape are a good option if you don’t have Styrofoam pipe insulation. 

“Know where your water shut off is because if it does bust and you don’t know where your water shut off is, that can definitely cause a bigger problem. I always recommend that’s the first step, so if you do have a problem, you can shut the water off before you can get someone out there to help you out,” said Holman.