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Sid Miller speaks on livestock safety amid statewide freeze

The Texas agriculture commissioner said he has faith the state's farmers will "go above and beyond" amid this cold snap.

AUSTIN, Texas — On Thursday, KVUE spoke with Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller about the effects this weather could have on livestock across the state.

He said that when it gets extremely cold, he has faith that Texas farmers will go above and beyond to take care of their livestock.

"Everyone's working yesterday and today, you know, to make sure that the livestock are all well cared for," said Miller. "It's something that we're used to. We're prepared. You know, us country boys will survive. I think there's a song like that."

He added that it's not just the farmers we have to think about to keep our food on the table this holiday season.

"No matter what the weather is, the cows have to be made up ... the animals have to be fed, the eggs have to be gathered. You know, the chickens have to be cared for," said Miller. "...say a special prayer for the farmers and ranchers that feed us and also the truckers who deliver it, make sure you get it on your grocery store shelves."

Miller said that if you happen to see an animal that looks like it isn't being cared for in this cold weather, you should report it to your county sheriff's office.

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