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Why is Texas weather so CRAZY?

Ready for this week's weather roller coaster? WFAA's Jesse Hawila and Ariel Plasencia are talking about the reasons behind it.
Credit: WFAA


The crazy weather we're expecting this week is common at this time of year

“The only time weather here is consistent is July and August, when it's 100 degrees and sunny every day,” WFAA meteorologist Jesse Hawila said.

“Every other month of the year, it's a wild ride and you never know what to expect. February is no different. The only difference in February is you can introduce that little thing we call winter weather. And we could see some this week.”

So, how does this happen?

Answer: Geography.

“You've got the Rocky Mountains to the west; the Appalachian Mountains to the east,” Hawila said. “That kind of acts like a pseudo-funnel. These cold air masses will spill in and spill down to the south, and we're kind of at the bottom of the funnel.”

Think of it as a battle between cold air from Canada and warm air from the Gulf, with North Texas being at the center of it all.  

“You've got cold air pushing in. The warm air pushing back, so we're just kind of in the middle of mom and dad yelling at each other is the only way I could think about it,” Hawila said. “But we're just kind of in the middle of this argument and that's why we see these crazy swings in temperature and weather.”

When are we finally going to be done with winter weather? 

“I would wait until like the end of March (to put winter hats and gloves away) because you can kind of get these random little shots of cold air,” Hawila said. “But I will tell you, Texans, it's almost over. And you know that if you've lived here long enough: Winter doesn't have that much time left, but we got to deal with it this week.”

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