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College Station, Bryan ISD earn 'B' ratings in 2022 TEA Accountability Report

It's the first rating release since before the COVID-19 pandemic.

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — After being on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Texas Education Agency has released its 2022 Accountability Ratings Overall Summary for school districts around the Lone Star state.

Both school districts earned 'B' ratings. College Station ISD earned an 89 score, while Bryan ISD came in just three points behind with a score of 86.

"We worked hard with our parents. We've worked hard with our students, and everyone rose to the occasion, because of that, we are so thrilled that we have an 86% overall rating as a school district," Bryan ISD Associate Superintendent Barbara Ybarra  It is the highest we've had under this accountability system, and we couldn't be more proud."

Schools were judged in three major categories: student achievement, school progress, and a third category called "Closing the Gaps". 

According to the TEA's 2022 Accountability Manual, the three categories evaluate student performance in the following ways:

  • Student Achievement evaluates performance across all subjects for all students, on both general and alternate assessments; College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR) indicators; and graduation rates. 
  • School Progress measures district and campus outcomes in two areas: the number of students that grew at least one year academically (or are on track) as measured by STAAR results and the achievement of all students relative to districts or campuses with similar economically disadvantaged percentages
  • Closing the Gaps uses disaggregated data to demonstrate differentials among racial/ethnic groups, socioeconomic background, and other factors. The indicators included in this domain, as well as the domain’s construction, align the state accountability system with the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

The component scores for College Stations ISD and Bryan ISD are as follows:

  • College Station ISD
    • Student Achievement
      • STAAR Performance - 59
      • College, Career and Military Readiness - 69
      • Graduation Rate - 95.2
    • School Progress
      • Academic Growth - 74
      • Relative Performance - 64
    • Closing the Gaps - 89
  • Bryan ISD
    • Student Achievement
      • STAAR Performance - 40
      • College, Career and Military Readiness - 67
      • Graduation Rate - 92.2
    • School Progress
      • Academic Growth - 65
      • Relative Performance - 54
    • Closing the Gaps - 49

The scaled scores for both school districts is as follows:

  • College Station ISD
    • Note: College Station ISD did not receive an A rating in the Closing the Gaps domain because the district includes at least one campus that received a scaled score less than 70 in the Closing the Gaps domain.
      • Student Achievement - 89 (B)
        • STAAR Performance - 89
        • College, Career, and Military Readiness - 92
        • Graduation Rate - 85
      • School Progress - 89 (B)
        • Academic Growth - 87
        • Relative Performance - 89
      • Closing the Gaps - 89 (B)
  • Bryan ISD
    • Note: To align with Senate Bill 1365, a Not Rated label is used when the domain or overall scaled score is less than 70.
      • Student Achievement - 79 (C)
        • STAAR Performance - 70
        • College, Career and Military Readiness - 92
        • Graduation Rate - 70
      • School Progress - 90 (A)
        • Academic Growth - 69
        • Relative Performance - 90
      • Closing the Gaps - 76 (C)

An index containing the full accountability manual and accountability administrator's guide can be found here.

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