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Blinn College made a former Aggie student's dreams come true

David Noltensmeyer left business school to earn Associate of Applied Science degrees in Fire Safety and Health and in Fire Science Technology

BRYAN, Texas — A former Texas A&M student decided to leave school and completely switch colleges and his career path. 

David Noltensmeyer, a Blinn College student, felt his original career path wasn't for him. He saw a large demand for health and safety specialists and followed his dreams.

The U.S Bureau of Labor reported that the national demand for health and safety specialists and technicians is expected to grow seven percent between now and the year 2030.

Blinn College's two-year program trains students in accident prevention, fire chemistry, firefighter safety, and more. The program prepares students to help meet the growing demand of the industry.

Noltensmeyer didn't know his dreams would not only become a reality but also make history. Noltensmeyer will be one of the first students to earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in Fire Safety and Health.

Noltensmeyer said he was intrigued by Blinn's program.  He began to learn the various career opportunities as a safety inspector for private companies and fire departments.  The Blinn student compared himself to his peers and started to feel behind while attending courses at Texas A&M.

"I can't even explain it but somehow I knew that was kind of my path, it just hit me you know and I don't know how to describe it but it was an epiphany, he said. It was more difficult doing online classes and keeping up with things in that sense", said Noltensmeyer.

Noltensmeyer's dream came to him while he was sitting in his Texas A&M class. He said he knew he had to follow his dreams and become a professional firefighter, despite the obstacles. 

"I just ended up switching my major so I finally feel a little behind the curb for my age and I just cannot wait to get out there and start my career and actually live that dream", Noltensmeyer said. 

"Follow your dreams and if you keep an open heart and an open mind, I believe that the right people will find a way into your life," Noltensmeyer said

Noltensmeyer is encouraging people to follow their dreams despite the challenges. 

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