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Recognizing Prostate Cancer warning signs amid awareness month

A Baylor Scott & White urologist spoke to KAGS TV about how prostate cancer tends to go undetected and overlooked.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Pink is a well known symbol for Breast Cancer that's widely recognized, yet a local urologist said the blue that represents Prostate Cancer in men gets overlooked.

Furthermore, September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, according to the American Association for Cancer Research.

Timothy Ruddell, a urologist for Baylor Scott & White, explained how most cases go undetected, saying "Warning signs aren't visible until later stages."

It is mostly common in men between the ages of 55 and 70, according to Ruddell.

"In earlier stages there aren't a whole lot of warning signs, the vast majority of patients with prostate cancer actually have no symptoms at all" said Ruddell.

Symptoms worsen throughout the stages of cancer diagnosis. 

"In later stages you can develop many different symptoms such as urinary symptoms, obstruction of urination, not being able to get your stream started" explained Ruddell.

Additionally, later stages comes with symptoms of blood in your urine, fatigues, weight loss and more, according to Ruddell.

However, one particular group of men must test before the age of 55 because of inherited genetic factors: African-American men.

"Being African-American, then African-Americans with a family history often we diagnose those patients early in their 40s."

Ruddell explained it as an exception because of the risk factor African-American men face. Furthermore, talking with your primary care doctor and getting tested despite having no symptoms is a great way of being proactive.

"You want to go through testing for something when you're not having any symptoms, but the key again is early detection while catching those clinically significant Cancer that will end up shortening a persons life before they really start causing symptoms," said Ruddell.

Ruddell is stressing the importance of bringing more awareness to prostate cancer, the communities it impacts, and what to look for. 

"Heart healthy is prostate healthy" said Ruddell.

For more resources and information visit The American Cancer Society's website on prostate cancer here.

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