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Local Company Makes Roads Safer with New Trailers

By: Tashara Parker

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BRYAN, Texas – Accidents involving 18-wheelers are not only scary, but some can be prevented, especially now that a local Bryan company is hoping to make its mark in the transportation industry.

Exosent recently became the only engineering company in North America with dual certifications.

The company received a U2 certification from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the other from the Department of Transportation.

With those certifications, the company has built the first DOT and U2 certified hazardous materials trailer, making the units closer to the ground, which in turn makes it more difficult to tip over.

"It means when it comes off the back of the wheel, the trailer goes down to the ground and stays low and it’s at a lower center of gravity,” said Andrew Duggleby, Exosent CTO ad Co-Founder. “Which is much safer for the drivers, much safer for the community around, especially as you think of these units hauling on really rough roads out in the oil patch and things like that, so it’s a big leap forward in safety."

The company currently has twenty two units ordered and hopes to have the first trailers on the road by next month.

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