COLLEGE STATION, Texas - We are in the middle of Mosquito Control Awareness Week and it's that time of year when they are out in full force in Texas.

Add a little bit of rain and humidity and those pesky little blood suckers get even worse, but one local business has made it their mission to make the outside fun again.

Kate Gould is the owner of Mosquito Joe in College Station and says when it comes to mosquito inspections, keeping your home free of moisture is key.

"It's all about water in your yard. The more water you have especially after a large rain, the more mosquitoes you're going to get. They lay their eggs in water, they hatch in water," said Gould.

Aside from that, barrier sprays and insecticides provide a seal on your home that will reduce mosquitoes for up to 21 days.

"A mosquito’s egg can actually sit out for 10 years and you can drop a little drop of water on it and it will hatch. So, water is a big part of it and then out temperatures here. It never gets cold enough for those guys to hibernate so they're pretty much with us all year around," said Gould.

In celebration of Mosquito Control Awareness Week, which goes through July 1 Mosquito Joe has partnered with Nothing But Nets, and for every treatment sold the company will donate a pesticide treated net to help fight malaria.