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Brazos Valley Bites: Blue Moon BBQ

"Barbecue this good only comes around once in a Blue Moon."

Right on the outskirts of Bryan is Old San Antonio Road and if you follow that road it will lead you to what I think is one of the best BBQ joints around.

That joint is called Blue Moon BBQ.

With delicious BBQ and kind service the experience was beyond pleasing.

Having a background in food business the owners, Rick and Toni Moon opened up Blue Moon BBQ in 2007 on Memorial Day weekend.

"The weekend we opened Texas Monthly Barbecue magazine came out with their The Top 50 Barbecue Joints in Texas list," said Toni. "We saw there was a list and we started asking ourselves how do we get on this list? We want to get on this list."

"The mission: get on this list."

And getting on that list was accomplished.

Toni and Rick's son Matthew Moon started maintaining their social media accounts uploading pictures to show off just how good their BBQ looked.

From there they reached out to bloggers to try out their BQQ, with positive responses they knew one day they would be chosen for the Texas Monthly list.

Then in April and May of 2017 the calls started to roll in.

Texas Monthly magazine started "fact checking" the restaurant and finally setup to have a photographer come out.

It was at that point that they knew they made it.

When I sat down to try the food it was beyond great. I had a sliced brisket sandwich with ribs.

The brisket was juicy, tender and literally melted in my mouth. The spare rib was my favorite. The meat fell right off the bone and the barbecue sauce paired well with the rib.

After enjoying such wonderful food there was one question that remained in my head, why the name?

"It was what Rick wanted," Toni said. "Our last name is Moon and Ricks favorite color is blue."

"We came up with Blue Moon BBQ because BBQ this good only comes around once in a Blue Moon."

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