A funny meme was recreated on Texas A&M's Campus and the internet loved it.

If you have Twitter or Facebook you probably saw this post circulate into your timeline.

From here a meme was created and there was no turning back.

People all over Twitter and Facebook began using it to their liking and changing out the text to fit other topics.

The post was recreated on Texas A&M's campus and people began sharing pictures of the greatness.

We contacted Layne's to see what they had to say about the picture and they had no clue about it till the picture was sent to them.

"I didn't know about the picture until a buddy sent it over to me and I thought the thing was hilarious," said Garrett Reed, Host/Chief People Officer for Layne's Chicken Fingers.

The people that put the stunt together were from the Layne's Challenge, which is described as the "Ultimate College Triathlon," Where you run, eat, bike, eat and then run some more.

"We donate the food, and the students put the event on themselves," said Reed.

On the Layne's Challenge website it says that 100% of entry fees are donated to the Brazos Valley Food Bank.