COLLEGE STATION, Texas - If you have ever driven by Northgate on a thirsty Thursday or any other day of the weekend, you have probably seen the flood of crowds traveling from bar to bar.

"It's been growing pains and we are trying to deal with it the best way we can. So this way we are trying to keep everybody safe," said City of College Station Assistant Director of Community Service Gus Roman.

With thousands of people roaming through the busy entertainment district, city officials are now implementing closures to one of the most dangerous intersections as a way to improve pedestrian safety.

"We're going to be putting barricades up at the intersection of University and Boyett, and the other barricades are going to be across from Paddock Lane to basically make a pedestrian mall," said Roman.

The closure will take place Thursday through Saturday evenings, closing at 9 a.m. and reopening at 3 p.m.

This just a portion of the changes coming to Northgate. Along with the road closure, new signage and designated pickup locations for ride share services like Lyft and Uber are also being added.

For more information on this project, you can visit the City of College Station's page.