Editor's note: Names of the accuser and the accused will not be published due to the nature of this case

COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- A Texas A&M student is alleging that the man who sexually assaulted her is back on the roster for the men's swim team.

The accusations come from a post on Twitter.

In a tweet, the accuser said "I'm unhappy with the man who r*ped me is back on the swim team."

She then attached a photo of an email exchange between herself and Lori Williams, the Sr. associate athletics director.

Part of the email read, "Please know the Athletics Department and it's employees and student-athletes fully support and adhere to the administrative processes that govern Title IX matter and Texas A&M."

According to another twitter post by the woman, she alleges that the athlete was found "responsible for rape by the Title IX board and was suspended one semester."

Texas A&M University released an official statement on Monday.

The University said in the statement that "Students found responsible for sexual assaults are given sanctions."

The statement goes on to state that "NCAA rules allow four seasons of competitive eligibility in a five-year period once enrolled. A student athlete can legally declare themselves “red shirting” for a year for any reason, such as illness, family issues, or being suspended for a period of time due to conduct violations;"

According to the accuser's Twitter, the athlete was red-shirted for the 2016-17 season.