COLLEGE STATION, Texas—The power of the Aggie network meets the power of social media.

It’s what helped one student reunite with an irreplaceable item.

Lauren Castillo lost her engagement ring last week on the campus of Texas A&M.

And, after an extensive search, she came up with nothing. She couldn’t find her beloved ring.

However, someone did.

Sam James stepped in to save the day.

“I saw something shiny, it caught my eye, and I just did a double-take to go see what it was,” said James.

And, that’s when he began his mission to get the ring back to its rightful owner.

“I knew how sad some girl probably was, so I wanted to try to get it back to her,” said James.

He posted a video on Snapchat and then on Facebook saying he found a ring, and was hoping to find the owner.

At the same time, Castillo also posted on Facebook with a screen-shot of the Snapchat video.

“I think it’s crazy because we live in this bubble that’s A&M, and you can send a Snapchat and access anybody,” said James.

“Anybody could see it, and so I knew that she would be able to see it, if someone told her it was on there,” he added.

So, the two finally connected on Facebook, and Castillo got her engagement ring back.

“It means so much sentimental value,” said Castillo. “It shows me that there are good people out there,” she added.

A chance connection through social media that neither of them will ever forget.