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Viral video shows passenger catching extra point at football game in Waco while driving by Live Oak High School

Put this one in the highlight reel.
Credit: MaxPreps - Facebook
A passenger watching a high school football game at Live Oak Classical in Waco, Texas has gone viral for catching a kick while passing by the game.

WACO, Texas — With the fall high school football season underway, players often put their highlights online showing how they've stood out from the crowd and the competition.

However, a video has gone viral after a fan caught a Point After Touchdown (PAT) kick at a high school football game in Waco while viewing the game as a passenger in a car passing by.

On Friday, Sept. 15, the Live Oak Classical Falcons faced off against the Gordon Longhorns. However, what many will end up remembering is a highlight captured on video from the game.

In a video posted by many sources online, one being Live Oak Athletics Director Brice Helton, the PAT kick sailed through the uprights towards a white SUV and suddenly vanished. However, the reason the ball vanished was because the passenger, who had their windows down while watching the game, had caught the ball, all without the vehicle dropping speed or stopping.

Helton calls it a "one in a million PAT kick."

Do you think you could have made this catch?

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