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Nick the Greek franchise comes to College Station

The Greek inspired franchise had its grand opening today at its new College Station location.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Nick the Greek has chosen College Station as it's first location in Texas at 1411 Wellborn Rd. 

The franchise comes from Southern California and is bringing a new flavor to the food scene in the Brazos Valley.

Restaurant entrepreneur and partner for the franchise Peter Zafaris said, “We were thinking of expanding Nick the Greek, so we flew out here scoping out the area. We started with Dallas, then someone introduced us to College Station. We came to the town, fell in love with it and we thought this was the perfect town to start our base.”

The Texas hospitality has swayed these California natives to expand their reach and during their grand opening on Tuesday, Feb. 14, they gave out free food from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., hoping to gain some loyal customers. 

Zafaris mentioned, “I'm super super excited, love your town in Texas. It’s a great environment, people are friendly and we just got positive feedback.”

The first customer in line today had some insight on the quality that Nick the Greek is bringing to the Brazos valley

Jeffery Forman described his experience, “I ordered the beef gyro with lamb and rice and salad and I'm enjoying it a lot we don’t have enough diversity in food around here so its nice to have something new to eat around here.” 

The company hopes to expand the pallet of Brazos Valley residents and bring in, “A little Greek flare some of the authenticity, good food, service, smiles and just bring our culture to Texas.” said Zafaris. 

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