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I Heart Bryan is giving local educators support through a Teacher's Closet

Monica Martinez, team lead at the Teacher's Closet, shared how the closet was created amid a number of struggles faced by teachers.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — It's no secret that many challenges have found themselves on the desks of teachers and the teaching industry because of the pandemic. Between a shift to virtual learning, staff shortages and inflation, it's made the profession more challenging for newcomers and veterans alike.

Yet I Heart Bryan, an organization that creates programs, events, and initiatives for the Brazos Valley, wants to help and support educators. One Bryan woman, Monica Martinez, felt that creating a free Teacher Closet would be a suitable way to aid educators. 

The closet allows teachers access to whatever supplies they needed or wanted. It is located in storage closets at Morning Star storage on College Station.

"With inflation and everything this is just a place they set an appointment, reach out to us by email, and come and shop," said Martinez .

As a teacher herself, she understands their needs and wants to make the closet bigger. Plus, all of the items they have received to fill the closet up has been donated by people living in the BCS area.

"I know I spent thousands of dollars over my years in brick and mortar, but that's what teachers do when they need something for their classroom they go and buy it," said Martinez.

Now, with the help of donations and the Teacher Closet, teachers can find their own way around the budgeting struggles that come with inflation.

"Everything in here has been donated to the community and is free to every teacher," said Martinez. "It's more than just books, it's construction paper, pencil boxes, toys, building blocks that make a classroom experience so special."

Going into 2023, they hope to expand by helping out first time teachers throughout all districts in the Brazos Valley.

"Before they even think about going to the store helping them fund their classrooms here first before they go to the store," said Martinez.

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