SOMERVILLE, Texas—What started out as a sad story now has a happy ending.

Shirley and Mercy are happy, curious little puppies about eight weeks old.

The two siblings were found in Somerville after a Good Samaritan saw someone toss them from a car, dumping them to fend for themselves.

That good-hearted person swiped them up, and One by One Animal Rescue Texas took in the puppies with a goal of finding them a forever home.

Right now, the pair live with their foster mom, and are waiting for a family to call their own.

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One by One Animal Rescue Texas is a non-profit organization that rescues dogs all over Burleson County.

“People call us and tell us about animals running around, and we go pick them up,” said Lee Ann Day one of the rescue’s founders.

Day and co-founder Brenda Knoll spend their days networking with fosters to find homes for the dozens of dogs they take in each year.

The rescue usually has around 20 to 30 up for adoption.

Day said the City of Somerville has an animal holding facility that can take in about three stray animals at a time with only a three-day hold.

However, thanks to One by One Animal Rescue Texas, the city hasn’t euthanized an animal since 2013.

Day and Knoll both say it’s a lot of work, but worth the time to save and rehome so many animals they’ve seen dumped and abandoned all over the county.

One by One Animal Rescue has a stringent application process as they want to ensure all the animals go to good homes.

All the animals available for adoption come fully vaccinated depending on their age.

If you’re interested in adopting Shirley or Mercy or any of the animals through One by One Animal Rescue Texas you can follow this link to their website or Facebook page.