BRYAN, Texas - In the state of Texas, driving while intoxicated can carry many different consequences based on the type of offense ranging from monetary fines and jail time to license suspension.

Local Attorney Steve Gustitis says when it comes to DWI’s, driver’s license suspension is determined by a number of factors

“Very specific events must occur before a person’s license can be suspended, either administratively or because of a conviction resulting from the criminal charges,” said Gustitis.

Gustitis says DWI’s can result in suspension of a driver’s license both before a conviction is made and prior, which is classified as administrative license revocation (ALR).

“A person’s license can be suspended for ALR purposes for a refusal to provide a sample to the police, that’s a 6-month suspension or if the person submits a sample of their breathe or blood they can submit to a 90 day license suspension for what we call a failure," said Gustitis

License suspension can last up to two years, but if there are other DWI related convictions there could be additional penalties.

For more information regarding DWI offenses in Texas, you can visit the DMV website