Here at KAGS we’re on a mission to help homeless animals in our area find a home. This week the College Station Police Department volunteered to help us out with our pet of the week.

Today, we’re featuring two adorable dogs: Goober and Scooter. Goober, the black and white boxer/border collie mix, is a year and a half old and loves to play almost as much as he loves treats. Goober’s friend Scooter is the brown terrier, pit bull mix. Scooter is a year and a half old. He’s had obedience training and he gets along well with everyone. Scooter knows tons of tricks including “Get me a beer from the fridge.” Although, we should note that he brings ketchup about half the time. Really, he’ll grab whatever bottle is on the lowest shelf of the fridge.

Both dogs are available for adoption at Aggieland Humane Society and we want to extend a special thanks to the College Station Police officers who took time out of their day play with these cute dogs.