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Motorcycle accidents: They can happen in the blink of an eye

Be safe as you enjoy driving around this summer.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Just last week, a College Station police officer was struck by a vehicle while on his motorcycle. According to College Station police, he is okay and there were no major medical problems, but other cases may not be so lucky.

It can happen in the blink of an eye. Motorcycles are a lot smaller than most cars and can be hard to see.

“This year, we have seen an increase in motorcycle fatalities already in my district. Last year, based on the Texas motor vehicle traffic crash facts posted by TXDOT, they have here 410  motorcyclists operators and passengers killed in 2019, and 45% of those killed were not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash," said Texas Department of Public Safety trooper Jimmy Morgan.

TXDOT launched it’s "Share the Road, Look Twice for Motorcycles" campaign this week.

“That campaign usually starts up around April, May, when motorcyclists start coming out when the weather changes. We start seeing an increase in roadways, people out to lakes, just riding, and motorcycle activities and stuff," said trooper Morgan.

According to TXDOT, summer months are when it begins to see an uptick in motorcycle traffic, but a couple of reminders on the road may prevent a fatal accident from happening.

“We always encourage people to share the road and be alert. If you’re not on a motorcycle and you’re on a passenger car, we encourage you to thoroughly check your blind spots. That’s where a lot of motorcyclists get lost is in your blind spots," said College Station police Jeffrey Pearce.

Especially when you are changing lanes, College Station police advise you to check your mirrors and turn your head to look for any motorists. And if you are on a motorcycle, make sure you have the proper equipment.

“We just encourage people to wear layer clothing, wear high visibility clothing that certainly helps, making sure you can be seen by other drivers on the road," said officer Pearce.

College Station police also remind you to be patient when you see a motorcycle coming up on the road.

“The small profile of the motorcycle, it may not look like it is going as fast as it is. If you’re going to make a turn in front of a motorcycle, or they’re going to make a turn in front of you, sometimes those motorcycles may actually be going faster than they look just because they’re smaller," said officer Pearce

So pay attention on the roads whether you are in a car or on a motorcycle. 

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