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Authorities changing up strategy as search for Gonzalo Lopez stretches into week 2

Authorities are still searching for Lopez in Leon County despite severe weather coming over the weekend

CENTERVILLE, Texas — Authorities are back in Leon County fields, as they hit week two of the massive manhunt for convicted murderer Gonzalo Lopez.

After searching for seven days, authorities changed their strategy up just a tad on Thursday, which expanded past their original perimeter.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice Public Information Officer Robert Hurst said he couldn’t go further into detail. Officers were on foot all the way out to Interstate 45 headed towards Madisonville.

"It is going to shift just a little bit based upon some information that we've received and just doing everything we can to locate him," Hurst said.

They believe Lopez is still in Leon County.

"We are positive that we will find him and we will get him back in custody." 

Despite some severe weather expected to come to Leon County over the weekend, it could put a pause on the search but Hurst said it's not likely.

Hurst said rain or not, they still will not stop until Lopez is captured. In Lopez's last escape, Hurst said he lasted nine days until authorities found him. With the current search being a day shy of that, we'll soon see if there will be a repeat of that search.

Hurst said it's not an easy process looking for an escaped inmate. Despite many on social media comparing the search to a movie, Hurst said in real life, you can't compare the two.

"That's Hollywood, Hollywood and what happens in real life are two different things."

Lopez is a dangerous man serving a life sentence and authorities are urging people to call 911 if you spot him.


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