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'Tis the season for scams, and College Station PD gives some advice on how to avoid them

Here's some tips to make sure you are not getting scammed while donating this giving season.

BRYAN, Texas — Tuesday is Giving Tuesday and it is the giving season, so the College Station Police Department is warning people to watch out for donation scams.

People should always use caution anytime an organization is contacting you. Authorities say you should contact the group directly after the first contact is made so you can verify who you're thinking about giving to.

If you are going to an official website, make sure there is the 'https://' or a lock signal in the search bar. Police said that is how you know you'll have a secure connection.

"If you're going to that official agency's website, be careful when you're typing it in as well, because there are some websites that are just misspelled a little bit," said Officer Tristen Lopez, who serve as the public information officer for College Station.

Credit: KAGS

If you notice the website is misspelled, you could end up in a place that could put you at risk. "You end up on a phishing website that is not the official one," Officer Lopez said.

Police also note some red flags could also be someone being persistent, anyone demanding immediate action or asking for too much personal information.

The bottom line is, if you are concerned about new organizations, all you need to do is check them out. Ask a friend or family member to help.


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